Planning for Individuals with Disabilities

If you have a child or family member with a mental or physical disability, nothing frightens you more than thinking about what happens when you are not there. Special Needs Planning is the answer!

Special Needs planning is holistic planning for the entire needs of a disabled individual. While you can certainly have your special needs family member directly receive money and assets when you die, but your loved one may lose or become ineligible for essential government benefits like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.

Fortunately, the government has established rules allowing you to create a “Special Needs Trust” or “Supplemental Needs Trust” so your loved one won’t lose or become ineligible for SSI and Medicaid benefits. But certain legal requirements must be followed for your loved one to benefit.

Our law firm can help you set up a Special Needs Trust so your loved one maintains eligibility for government benefits, and still has assets to improve his or her quality of life. Special Needs Trusts are a critical component of your estate plan if you have disabled loved one needing care and assistance when you become incapacitated or die. Our objective is seeing that your wishes for your loved one are respected and followed.

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