Our Legacy Circle™ Client Care Program ™

Ensure your solution works in an ever-changing world

The one thing that is certain is change. Your solution should react to the ever-changing dynamics of the world. You should anticipate and accommodate change to your solution through prudent monitoring and flexibility. 

The other thing that is certain is our commitment to you having a solution that works in an ever-changing world. That is why we developed a powerful and affordable program to protect your investment in your solution: Our Legacy Circle™ Client Care Program™.  If your circumstances change and your solution needs to adapt and change, Our Legacy Circle™ Client Care Program™ helps you keep your solution current.

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Advisors in Collaboration

A Team of Advisors meeting the needs of our clients by working collaboratively

At The Hernandez Law Firm, P.A., we seek to work closely with other professional advisors, including Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners, investment advisors, bankers, financial consultants, insurance professionals, Certified Public Accountants, Care Managers, and Executive Directors. Team of Advisors working side by side as a cohesive team, may create a client solution that sometimes exceeds our client’s goals and objectives, and exponentially improve the service to our clients.

Regardless of our clients’ planning circumstance, we subscribe to the philosophy of integrated planning with a Team of Advisors. We firmly believe that our clients’ needs are best served by drawing upon the expertise of the client’s various advisors. Many of our clients have strong and satisfying ties with their own advisors. We are happy to work with those advisors that are already in place. Working in concert as a Team of Advisors, we provide our mutual clients with the most comprehensive, realistic and effective solution.

For those clients who do not have their own advisors, we are able to recommend professionals with whom we worked in the past.

Wealth Strategies Collaborative

In furthering our relationships with professional advisors and working collaboratively with them, created the Wealth Strategies Collaborative™.  For professional advisors to successfully work together they must respect and learn about each advisor’s unique abilities and agree on the role each plays in serving the client. Hence, our Wealth Strategies Collaborative™ offers technical, marketing, and practical education for financial, insurance, banking, and accounting professionals. Through our educational collaboration we serve the needs of our professional community and in serving those needs, prove our value as a trusted member of the Team of Advisors.

“What’s in for me (i.e., you)?”

Through our Wealth Strategies Collaborative™, we want to enhance your professional practice by showing you how to integrate our concepts into your practice. We offer the following FREE benefits to our professional advisor colleagues who are members of the Wealth Strategies Collaborative™:

E-Alerts: our e-mails on news-breaking developments in estate planning.

Blue Ocean Alerts: our e-mails on topics of interest that create marketing opportunities for you.

The Wealth Strategies Practicum: our seminars and workshops on practical strategies and techniques that provide revenue opportunities for you to add “arrows to your quiver” and offer your clients. Some of our events may offer CFP or CE credits.

The Collaboratory: our monthly “brown bag” study group to discuss the estate planning, elder law, special needs, asset protection, financial and tax issues. Participation is limited and reservations are required to preserve the “classroom-style” feel of the study group. We address a particular case study and advisors take turns sharing how they might address that family’s goals and objectives. Emphasis is put on a collaborative atmosphere reflecting the belief that solving the issues facing our mutual clients requires input from advisors in various disciplines:  estate planning, insurance, investments, accountancy and tax, care management, and even real estate.

Joint Marketing: We are happy to work with you to speak to your clients or prospects on topics involving estate planning, elder law, special needs, business succession, or asset protection. Please call the office at (727) 712-1710 if you want to plan a workshop or a “Client Appreciation Event.”

Family Speakers Bureau: We are often called on to share our estate planning expertise with groups and associations. Contact us if you would like us to present or speak on a relevant topic to your organization, colleagues, or clients.

The Practice Boot Camp: is our custom-designed program for independent firms to help their advisor teams to understand and implement wealth strategies so that they can attract new clients, re-approach missed prospects, engage current clients with additional planning opportunities and increase collaborative opportunities.

Upcoming Events at the Wealth Strategies Collaborative

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