Estate Planning with You and Your Family in Mind

Preparing your estate plan is proactive smart thinking and an act of love and kindness.

Estate planning is an opportunity as opposed to simply an obligation. While nobody wants to think about death or disability, creating your estate plan is one of the most important acts of love you take to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our Client First Solution™ experience gives you confidence from our first meeting through the delivery and implementation of your plan, and beyond.

Our attorneys design and implement estate plans meeting and exceeding your objectives. Our focus is in preserving harmony, providing smooth transition of your wealth and wisdom, with minimal opportunity for dispute or court interference. Sometimes you must protect the people you love from themselves, such as those who are disabled, are drug or alcohol dependent, cannot handle money, are young or immature, or are or may become divorced. That is why our attorneys use Beneficiary Protection Trusts that protect your loved ones’ inheritance from their creditors, predators, divorcing spouse, or the unforeseeable events of life.

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